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An app that helps you save money and achieve your goal!


TestFlight & Google Play Beta



This is an app to save money small to medium sums of money to achieve goals. I created this app in hopes that users will be able to save money and become more organized and responsible in terms of money management. This app is intended for people of all ages who want to save money to reach goals. Everyone can do it, you just need a budget and some dedication.

My friend was explaining to me how she really wanted to go to Paris during the summer of senior year (2023) as a graduation/birthday treat, however, her parents were not planning on paying for a ticket and she is not the best at saving money for long periods of time. She needed $1500 for everything she wanted to do. So I decided to create this app to help her and others budget properly to be able to reach their goal.

Developer Info

To build the app I utilized the Flutter SDK as the UI Framework and that uses Dartlang as the programming language. The list of packages the app uses can be found here under the dependencies indent. I also used Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics to better understand the users who use the app.

Getting Started

Assuming Flutter is installed and setup on your device (If not, follow the steps to do so here), Fork, clone, or download the code for this repository and navigate to the enclosing folder inside your terminal. Then use this command to run:

flutter run

TestFlight & Google Play Beta

If you would like to use the app via TestFlight or Google Play Beta, you can download the apps with the following links below:

TestFlight: https://testflight.apple.com/join/c0LkxziW

Google Play Beta: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/co.budgetme.savings.app


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If you have any questions, you can reach me here:

In Allah we trust 🙏🏾

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