Flutter Riverpod Example Of ToDo App Using Firebase With Source Code

flutter riverpod example of todo app with source code

Create a To-do List Flutter app managing CRUD with Firebase, using RiverPod as state management and dependency injection. (Flutter Riverpod Example)


Responsive and Adaptive

This To-do app project uses responsive and adaptive principles to use it on different screen sizes and any devices, like mobile phones, tablets, computers, notebooks, etc.


This app has been enabled with Android, iOS, and Web flavors with the below environments (develop and production). For macOS, flavors are not already supported this is an open issue related

Navigator 2.0

Actually the project has been implemented with Navigator 2.0 or Route API from scratch (It doesn’t use any packages).

Deep linking

For using deep links with flutter without any packages, review this link

Run deep links in iOS, use the command below:

xcrun simctl openurl booted crudtodoapp://crudtodoexample.com/categories/{categoryId}/todo/{todoId}

Run deep links in Android, use the command below:

~/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools/adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW \ -c android.intent.category.BROWSABLE \ -d crudtodoapp://crudtodoexample.com/categories/{categoryId}/todo/{todoId}

Firebase Scheme

├── categories
  ├── id (generated)
    ├── emoji (String)
    ├── name (String)
    ├── todoSize (Number)

├── todos
  ├── id (generated)
    ├── categoryId (String)
    ├── finalDate (Number)
    ├── isCompleted (Boolean)
    ├── subject (String)

Getting Started


  • You must have a Firebase Project already created.
  • You must install firebase tools and FlutterFire CLI on your local machine.
    • To install firebase tools, could you guide here
    • After install firebase tools, you must log in with your Google account.
    • To install FlutterFire CLI, you must run the command below.dart pub global activate flutterfire_cli


  • Clone this project.
  • If you want to rename the bundles for each platform, you must do the steps below.
    • For Android, you must rename the bundle id on app/build.gradle.
    • For iOS in XCode IDE, you select Runner and change the ‘Bundle Identifier’ text.
    • You must run the FlutterFire CLI command to configure your Firebase project. The project has 2 environments dev and production.
      • If the project is production, you must run this command. Automatically, it creates a file with the name lib/firebase_options.dartflutterfire configure –project=<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>
      • If the project is dev, you must run this command. However, you must set the out file in this case lib/firebase_options_dev.dartflutterfire configure –project=<YOUR_PROJECT_ID> –out=lib/firebase_options_dev.dart
  • Run project and enjoy 😄

Used packages


Dev dependencies

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