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expense splitter app flutter source code github


A product of Dot.Studios LLC


Did you pay for your friends and feel anxious about asking money back? Dont you worry! Just Split all expenses with friends, family or anybody and bring peace to your mind. JustSplit’s mission is to reduce the stress and awkwardness that money places on our most important relationships. Go ahead, download the app now!!

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Bugs or Reports

If you encounter any problems feel free to open an issue. If you feel the app is missing a feature, please raise a ticket on GitHub and I’ll look into it. Pull requests are also welcome.

See Contributing Guidelines.


Contributions of any kind are welcome! See Contributing Guidelines and Code of Conduct.


  • App tries to follow Clean Architecture guidelines. Logic is separated from the UI.
  • App uses BLoC extensively
  • If you find something in code that looks a bit odd, it might be some useful extension method from lib/extensions

If you found this project helpful or you learned something from the source code and want to thank me, consider buying me a cup of ☕


JustSplit is licensed under Apache 2.0 License. View License

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