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expense tracker app flutter github source code

This app helps you with managing Income and Expense. It is coded in flutter, dart hive. TBH I want to code the same app in Flutter , React and Jetpack Compose to see the difference and get some experience, but let’s see what Happens. 🙂 🤠🤗

Will try and update this to use different (state management) Libraries.

Making Changes for V2

- Removed Gradient Code
- Adding Date and Delete Option in each Expense Tile



## Face Emoji :

## Icon : <div>Icons made by <a href="" title="GOWI">GOWI</a> from <a href="" title="Flaticon"></a></div>

## App Icon : <a target="_blank" href="">Money</a> icon by <a target="_blank" href="">Icons8</a>


When month is 12, Need to switch years too, to reflect changes. ( Showing transaction of nearby months ) Bar chart skips date with single unit of expense. Multiple setState cause anomalies, will use something else.


 Fix year when month is December.

 Add Monthly limit and show How much has been spent Yet.

 Show Charts of Money Spent on each day

✔️ Add Expense and Income

✔️ Show Total Balance

 Option to Extract data or Server ?

✔️ Option to add Bio Auth

✔️ Add Provider ( possibly in another branch )

✔️ Add Models For Data

✔️ Chart plot points is based on when user enters data , not on expense date , so chart might have bars coming back and moving front

## `Data`

    - amount
    - type [ "Income", "Expense" ]
    - date
    - note ( 256 )

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