Money manager: Expense Tracker Flutter App Source Code

expense tracker flutter app github source code

All of your expenses in one place, we help you track your financial activity efficiently

Key Features:

  • Easy to use and clear interface.
  • Track your transactions to know where your money comes and goes.
  • See the whole picture on Pie Chart.
  • Set reminder to remain you to record transactions every day.

App Screenshots:

What I used:

  • Flutter
  • Moor database
  • Provider for state management
  • MVVM architecture + get_it
  • flutter_local_notifications package

Getting started:

  • Star ⭐ and clone this repo.
  • Open the project in VSCode or Android Studio.
  • Run flutter pub get to get the packages
  • Start your emulator
  • Run the app & enjoy

Contact me for work:

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