Projects and Order Tracking Application Built Using Flutter

projects and order tracking application built in flutter-flutter ui tempaltes

With this application, you can track your projects and orders. You can add your customers and enter an order for the customer, track the urgency of the order, and record it by uploading a file.

The design is generally designed as a desktop program, but you can use it on phones without difficulty.

This version works only on the local device without internet, it is not synchronized with any other source. You can visit the link below for the version of the application that uses web-supported MySQL database and has a different design.

Online Edition with PHP and MySQL support


When you open the application for the first time, the setup screen opens and this screen is shown only once, you are asked for an e-mail and password. After entering the information you want here, the login page opens. You can log in with the information you wrote on the setup page, and if you want to change this information later, you can change it from the profile page.

The application uses sqlite as storage. You can view and edit the assets/db/db.db file by opening it with the sqlite browser.

Download Demo Version

flutter ui templates
flutter ui templates

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