Top 5 Flutter State Management Plugins for Efficient App Development


When it comes to developing robust and scalable Flutter applications, effective state management is crucial. Flutter state management plugins streamline the process of handling app states, making it easier for developers to build maintainable and efficient applications. In this article, we’ll explore the top five Flutter state management plugins that are sure to elevate your app development experience. By optimizing state management, you can enhance performance, code organization, and overall user experience.

Here are the top 5 flutter state management plugins


Provider is one of the most popular and straightforward state management plugins for Flutter. Developed by the Google Flutter team, Provider offers a simple yet powerful way to handle state changes and rebuild widgets efficiently. It relies on InheritedWidgets, allowing widgets to access the state from any part of the widget tree. Provider excels at dependency injection, making it effortless to manage and share state across different parts of the application.

Pub score: 100

Key features:

  • Lightweight and easy to integrate into Flutter projects.
  • Minimizes boilerplate code and promotes cleaner, more readable code.
  • Supports multiple types of state: ChangeNotifier, StreamProvider, FutureProvider, and more.
  • Excellent performance with minimal impact on app speed.


MobX is a robust and versatile state management library for Flutter, heavily inspired by reactive programming principles. It adopts an observable-driven approach, automatically tracking changes in the application state and updating the relevant widgets accordingly. With MobX, developers can build reactive and scalable applications without much score: 100

Pub score: 99

Key features:

  • Automatic rebuild of widgets when state changes occur.
  • Highly efficient as it rebuilds only affected widgets, optimizing app performance.
  • Easily integrates with other state management solutions like Provider for added flexibility.
  • Suitable for both small and large projects with complex state requirements.


Riverpod is an improved state management library that builds upon Provider’s foundation. It aims to provide a more robust and predictable state management solution. Riverpod introduces the concept of “providers” and allows for better scoping and management of app state.

Pub score: 98

Key features:

  • Enhanced scalability and modularity through provider scoping.
  • Easy-to-understand syntax, especially for developers familiar with Provider.
  • Strongly-typed state management, reducing runtime errors.
  • Fully compatible with Flutter’s devtools for debugging and monitoring.


Redux is a battle-tested state management pattern originating from the web development world. Although it might have a steeper learning curve compared to other plugins, Redux offers excellent predictability and testability for your app state. It revolves around the unidirectional data flow concept, making it ideal for complex applications.

Pub score: 97

Key features:

  • Centralized app state management with a single store.
  • Predictable state changes through actions and reducers.
  • Excellent tooling support for debugging and time-travel debugging with Redux DevTools.
  • Well-suited for larger projects with a significant number of states and actions.


Bloc is a powerful state management pattern and library that promotes the separation of business logic from the UI layer. It utilizes Streams to manage state changes and communication between different layers of the application. Bloc encourages a reactive programming approach, enhancing code reusability and testability.

Pub score: 99

Key features:

  • Clean separation of concerns, making codebase maintenance more manageable.
  • Supports both unidirectional and bidirectional data flow.
  • Extensive testing support, ensuring app reliability and stability.
  • Encourages a reactive programming mindset, leading to efficient and responsive apps.


Choosing the right state management plugin is critical for developing high-quality Flutter applications. Each of the top five Flutter state management plugins mentioned in this article comes with its unique set of features and advantages. Consider your project’s scope, complexity, and team familiarity when making your decision. Whether you prefer simplicity with Provider, the reactive nature of MobX, the scoping capabilities of Riverpod, the predictability of Redux, or the separation of concerns offered by BLoC, adopting any of these plugins will undoubtedly enhance your app development process and end-user experience. Happy coding!

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